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Wills Attorney in Downey Providing Peace of Mind for You and Your Estate

At Resolve Law Firm, APC, our wills attorney in Downey, believes that securing your estate and protecting the people you love should be a serious priority. The future is always uncertain; all we can do is live life a day at a time but also prepare for the inevitable. When you set up a will for your estate plan, you create a foundation of protection and security for those that matter to you most.

Having a will in place prevents disputes among family members and provides clarity on how to handle the estate’s assets. Without one, your estate may not be distributed according to your wishes. Even if you don’t have much right now, it’s important to set up a will so that your wishes are known if something were to unexpectedly happen to you or your loved ones.

At Resolve Law Firm, APC, our founding attorney, Le’Roy Roberson, has years of experience creating wills in California. We can help make sure that all documents are properly drafted and will hold up in court if necessary. Our team strives to provide comprehensive guidance while making sure each of our clients feels comfortable throughout the entire estate planning and wills creation process. With experience in all facets of estate planning and administration, our team has handled countless cases helping clients protect their estates during times of need.

Our team understands how difficult it can be to plan for life after death, but with careful thought and preparation, you can rest easy knowing you have secured your legacy for your family or beneficiary. Don’t wait any longer; contact our wills attorney in Downey today to put together an ironclad plan for the future. Call 213-583-5547 for an initial free consultation with our law firm today!

What is an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is an important part of any individual’s financial plan. It involves making arrangements for the transfer and management of your assets after you pass away. Estate planning can help protect your family and ensure that your wishes are carried out upon death.

An estate plan typically includes a last will & testament, which outlines the assets to be distributed to named heirs. Additionally, it may include instructions or stipulations regarding how to manage those assets in case of disability or illness, as well as provisions for individuals not mentioned in the will, such as dependents or charities. A trust may also be established to provide additional protection from creditors and taxes.

The process of creating an estate plan should involve taking into account all aspects of your life, such as your family dynamics, financial situation, and any desired legacy you wish to leave behind. It is important to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney in Downey who can help guide you through the process of creating an appropriate plan that fits your goals.

What are the Most Common Types of Wills?

When you are making a will, it is important to understand the different types of wills that are available. Here are three common types of wills: last will and testament, living wills, and joint wills.

Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is the most common type of will. This document outlines how you would like your belongings to be distributed upon your death. It also names an executor who will manage the estate and carry out the wishes in the will.

Living Wills

Living wills are similar to last wills and testaments, but they address end-of-life decisions instead of the posthumous distribution of assets. In a living will, you can specify the medical treatments you prefer if you are incapacitated or unable to communicate your wishes medically.

Joint Will

Joint wills are wills that have been written by two people who share the same wishes about how their property will be distributed upon their deaths. Joint wills are most commonly used by married couples or other committed partners who wish to ensure that the remaining partner is provided for after death.

No matter what type of will you create, it is important to make sure it is legally valid. An experienced attorney can help you understand the different types of wills and ensure your document meets all requirements so your wishes can be carried out properly.

Can I Change a Will?

A will is a legal document that states an individual’s wishes regarding the distribution of estate assets upon death. It is important to understand that wills are usually legally binding and cannot simply be changed at any time. However, there are certain processes available to make changes to a will, depending on the particular circumstances and situation.

The most common way to change a will is by creating an amendment or codicil – a separate document that amends specific provisions in the original will. This document must meet all legal requirements for validity, including being signed and witnessed in the same manner as the original will. Usually, it should also be dated so that it is clear which version supersedes the other.

In some cases, when changes are significant, it may be easier to craft a brand-new will that supersedes the old will. This is common when people enter new marriages or have had children since drafting the original will.

Consulting an experienced wills lawyer can help ease your mind when a change is needed. Let us help you adapt your will to your ever-changing life!

Is Hiring a Wills Attorney in Downey Worth It?

Picking an attorney to draft and review your will is a big decision. You want the right lawyer for you and for the job. Veteran attorney Le’Roy Roberson has been helping people in California craft all-encompassing estate plans and wills for many years. Planning for the future doesn’t have to be a grind with him by your side! Make probate easier for your estate by developing a simple will or testamentary trust will with us! Give Resolve Law Firm, APC, a call today at 213-583-5547 to get the legal guidance you deserve!