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Bakersfield Bankruptcy Lawyer

In Bakersfield, Resolve Law Firm recognizes the burden of bankruptcy. But it’s also a gateway to a fresh start. With Attorney Le’Roy Roberson at the helm, our team is well-versed in California bankruptcy law. We streamline the process, offering unwavering support. Take the first step towards financial relief—contact us today.

Our Bankruptcy Services in Bakersfield Include

Life’s challenges can bring overwhelming stress, especially when it comes to debt. If you’re feeling weighed down by bills, Resolve Law Firm, APC, is here to lighten the load. Our dedicated team provides personalized legal services, guiding you towards financial stability and a fresh start.

The Roadmap to Bankruptcy in Bakersfield: Your Comprehensive Guide

Our comprehensive guide to bankruptcy in Bakersfield offers a roadmap to financial recovery. We outline the key steps involved in the bankruptcy process, including eligibility requirements, filing procedures, and the potential outcomes. With Resolve Law Firm as your guide, you can navigate the road to bankruptcy with ease.

FAQs by Bakersfield Clients

Will bankruptcy affect my job or future employment?

In most situations, bankruptcy won’t affect your current employment or getting a job unless you apply for a job in private industry that deals with money.

Is California Chapter 7, Straight Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Right for Me?

You submit a petition with the court under chapter 7 bankruptcy, requesting that your debts be discharged. The main goal of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is to eliminate (discharge) your obligations in return for the surrender of your assets, with the exception of “exempt” assets that the government permits you to retain. Generally speaking, anything you own will be exempt. But property which is not exempt is sold, with the money distributed to creditors.  A chapter 7 case is usually not the best option for you if you want to maintain assets like a house or a car but are overdue on your mortgage or auto loan payments. This is due to the fact that Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not remove the ability of creditors such as mortgage holders or auto loans to seize your assets in order to satisfy their debt.

Can Bankruptcy Help Get My California Driver’s License Back?

If you lost your license solely because you couldn’t pay court-ordered damages caused in an accident, bankruptcy will allow you to get your license back.

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When it comes to bankruptcy in Bakersfield, Resolve Law Firm is your go-to resource for expert advice and assistance. Our skilled bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your financial situation. Take the first step towards a fresh start by contacting Resolve Law Firm to set up your free consultation today.