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We are still taking on new clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, all of my systems were set up in the cloud before the viral outbreak, which has made for a smooth transition. Working remotely, my assistant and I are still handling cases, taking calls and having meetings with clients.  We are also attending 341 hearings telephonically and via video conference for our clients.

Are The Bankruptcy Courts Functioning In California During The COVID-19 Crisis?

California Bankruptcy courts are still functioning during the COVID-19 crisis, although all of the physical locations are closed. Since the bankruptcy process is primarily electronically-based, bankruptcy filings have continued uninterrupted. We continue to hold 341 hearings via Zoom or telephonic appearance for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, and courts are still holding confirmation hearings for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Should I Wait To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney Until The COVID-19 Crisis Is Over, Or Should I Hire One Now?

Whether someone should wait to hire an attorney until the COVID-19 crisis is over or hire one now really depends on their individual circumstances. If a homeowner is worried about their home being foreclosed, behind on making mortgage payments, or dealing with some other issue that is causing them to lose sleep, then they would be well-advised to hire an attorney and get started now. Even amid the COVID-19 crisis, people can obtain bankruptcy protections and begin making payments through a Chapter 13 plan, and get started on the road to fixing their situation.

If someone is financially tight and debating between starting the bankruptcy process and buying groceries, then they may want to hold off until they are in a better position.

How Can I File For Bankruptcy When Most Offices And Courthouses Are Closed?

Despite the fact that most offices and courthouses are closed, we are taking client calls remotely and helping clients initiate the bankruptcy process. We can meet with clients over the phone or through video chat, discuss their case, and send them the intake forms to get started. Clients don’t even have to leave home; they just need to be able to access their email and scan or fax documents.

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